Monday, 10 May 2010


Well bugger me! I sold the old girl.  I know, I know. But that's just me!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Last night I got to thinking how great it is to ride around on the CB450. I simply roll her out of the garage, fire her up and away we go, together, on a little adventure. It could be a short trip to the Barn on a Sunday or a ride over to Devil's Bridge or a full day out touring around the North Yorkshire beauty spots. It's all good!

I know, you could perhaps say this about any bike, but there's something about this old classic that's much more appealing than some of the (many) newer bikes I've had. This bike isn't exhilaratingly fast and it doesn't do stoppies and it doesn't handle like a race bike, but it does put a smile on your face and allows you to enjoy the scenery which you're riding through. It's like stepping back in time a little. Perhaps this feeling is something that just happens to old duffers like me.

Last week was a glorious one for weather and it was so nice to pull up in the centre of Grassington and have a pub lunch outside with the sun streaming down from the skies, while passers-by poured over the 450 admiring her stunning looks and recalling their distant memories of owning one or wanting one. "Is that yours? It's stunning! My dad used to have one similar to it".  "That's  the first time I've ever seen a K1 in the flesh. Beautiful!". Etc, etc, etc.

Apart from the pleasures of riding such a beauty, it's also nice to know that the fun doesn't stop when you get home. Roll her into the garage, give her a bit of a checkover, an adjustment here and there, get the old Solvol Autosol out and make her gleam again, ready for the next ride. It's a partnership - you look after her and she'll look after you.

If I leave the bike parked at the front of my house while I'm working on the CB250 in the garage, people stop in their cars outside, peep their horn, point to the 450 and give me the thumbs up. It's amazing how much this bike stands out and how much people admire it. LOL

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I eventually got around to fitting the low-profile fuel filter to the CB450.  It was bright red initially, but I sprayed it black.

As I said previously, these are intended for sit-on lawn mowers but there's no reason why they shouldn't work fine in this environment. The filter mesh inside will filter down to 150 microns or something like that.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

CB450 Wallpaper

Whenever I'm on the hunt for a new bike, the first thing I do is scour the internet for images. Usually, I can't find any I really like, but now and again I get lucky. It always makes me think "Why don't people post photos of their bikes???".

So, with that in mind, here's some "Desktop Wallpapers" of my CB450. Some have a black bar at the side to accommodate desktop icons. If you want a very hi-res copy, email me.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Front Number Plate

I was pretty busy today doing something else, but the front number plate kept popping into my head so I dragged my lazy ass into the garage and took the wheel off. I also removed that fender from America because I just don't like it. It's intended for a 19" wheel and mine's an 18", so there you go!

While it was stripped down, I took the opportunity to have another play with the brakes and when I refitted everything, I spent quite some time carefully adjusting the brakes to get them to be as good as they possibly could be. I'm happy to report that the brakes are really starting to bed in now and are definately getting better!

The other mudguard had already had an application of Kurust on the underside, followed by a liberal application of Tetrosyl Waxoyl, so it was ready to fit onto the bike. Once it was in place, I drilled the holes and mounted the new Number Plate. I think it looks pretty cool. How about a photo with that period crash helmet?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

1970 - A Great Year

In 1970, the CB450 K1 wasn't the only gorgeous Honda available. Boy, I'd love one of these. I used to live opposite a Honda car dealer when these were on sale. Beautiful!

Why don't they make cars like this anymore?


Monday, 22 March 2010


Back in the 70's I used to wear a Kangol helmet and I thought it was pretty cool at the time. In the photo on the right, you can see me with my cousin enjoying a tasty beverage and a Park Drive fag. Next to me is my red, white and blue Kangol. The photo was taken in 1976 on the Isle of Man during the TT Race Week. I was riding a CB250.

So, 34 years later, I figure it would be cool to have a Kangol to go with my CB450. I saved a search for one on Ebay and let the clock tick by. Sure enough, 8 weeks later, one came along. You gotta love Ebay!

It's very uncomfortable and that visor makes you glad we have modern visors for sure! Fun though, LOL. I cleaned it up tonight with some visor restorer (for what it was worth).

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Cable Guide

At last, my cable-guide arrived from America! I'd waited ages for this thing to get here and it was really bugging me that something was missing from the bike. Only a small detail, but important nonetheless.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

New Mudguard (Fender)

Thought I'd share these pictures of my new mudguard. Well, it's obviously not new, it's about 40 yrs old, but you know what I mean! I got this one from the USA and it looked pretty good in the pictures, but when it arrived, I found it to be slightly tarnished. Don't get me wrong - there's plenty would consider this to be in brilliant condition and would gladly fit it to their bike, but compared to the "as new" condition of the existing mudguard, I rate it a "8".

Condition aside, I am concerned that it sits too high above the tyre. If you look at other photos of my bike further down the Blog, you'll see what I mean. I'm wondering if this particular fender came from a CL450 (the scrambler version of the CB450). Anyway, I'll leave it on for a while and see if it grows on me. I must admit though, I do like the rubber mudflap. Once I've decided which fender's staying, I'll fit my curved front number plate.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Forkin Great!

After draining and refilling my forks with 10-30W oil, I went for a ride tonight and I was pleased to find that the forks are MUCH better than before.  Previously, they bottomed out at the slightest hint of a pothole and it was accompanied by a "spring" sound. Now they're fine. Not by modern standards of course, but much closer to how they should be.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Fuel Filter Found

In the previous post, I spoke about the fuel-filter being too long for the small gap between the tank and carbs. Well luckily, I've found what might be the perfect solution. It's a very short filter which should fit just fine. They're also very cheap, so I bought a few because you can't clean them - you just replace them. They will filter impurities as small as 150 micron. Only real downside is that they're bright red. Maybe I could paint them before fitting.

Short Test Ride

Rather than drive to work today, I took the opportunity to take the bike instead. It would allow me to assess how sucessful the work on the carbs had been in terms of getting rid of the bad misfire and the "bogging down" under accelleration.

It's only a short journey to work, so I extended it by going over to Chorley and coming back through Rivington. I needed to find some open road to stretch her legs. Once warm, the engine ticked over perfectly, but when blipping the throttle, it doesn't seem "snappy" enough. Anyway, I set off and was more than pleased to find that the bike pulled well throughout the rev-range, right up to 10k. There seemed to be a pleasing amount of power considering it's only a 450 and I knew straight away that I could live with this bike.

One thing that still concerns me though, is the effectiveness of the front brake. It's pretty poor! I'll take a look at it when I'm fitting the new mudguard next week. I tried to buy some front shoes from but they were out of stock (despite claiming online that they had 4). Looks like I might have to get the originals relined. I also noticed a slight "pulsing" on the back brake pedal, so the drum is obviously out of true. Not a big issue - just a minor annoyance - especially when using the rear brake for slow manoeuvres. The front forks are scaring me a little too! Going over small potholes has them bottoming out all too easily.

Now that the fuelling is sorted out, I'm keen to make sure that the carbs don't fall victim to any crap that's in the tank. I fitted a glass bowl fuel-filter but it was just too damned long. There's very little room between the tank and the carbs and it just wasn't a practical installation, so it's off again. I'll try to find a short-profile filter. I need to!

So overall, I'm pleased with the way that she's running. There's still some fine-tuning to be done and there's still a period of "getting to know you" ahead, but I think it's all gonna be fine.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Up & Running!

Tonight I refitted the petrol tank, installed a glass-bowl petrol filter, reconnected everything, fitted some NGK Platinum spark plugs (B8EV), connected the battery and did the static timing again.

Previously, I'd got the timing almost spot on, but it had been bugging me that almost isn't really good enough, so I started from scratch and got it bang on.

Then I replaced the engine oil that I'd dropped last night and fired her up! She idled and revved sweet as a nut! Couldn't keep her running too long because of the noise, but I intend taking her out after work tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the bogging and misfiring has been sorted out with the rebuilding of the carbs and the accurate timing (well, as accurate as static timing can ever be).

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Camchain Tensioner

I've not examined my camchain tensioner yet, but when I saw this rare beast on American eBay, I thought I'd better snap it up! I've seen some attrocious ones out there, so this is a great find.
I installed my NOS air filter tonight and noticed that it was slightly different to the original one in that it had an extra "wing". I'm guessing it was designed to deflect any water from the rear wheel and is no doubt off a later model than mine. Nevertheless, it fitted without a hitch. After fitting the air-filters I adjusted the throttle cables to ensure the throttle was opening both carbs at exactly the same time.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

NOS Air Filter Found!

Having expected to find it extremely difficult to source a NOS air filter to replace my damgaged one (read that as "bodged"), I was pleasantly surprised to look on eBay and find exactly what I was looking for here in England. Whatever next?

Keyster Carb Rebuild Kits

The Keysters arrived from NRP in Manchester today (speedy service from Andy). Went into the workshop and stripped the carbs again. The previous owner's claim to having already done this task was clearly a load of bullshit. They're now fully rebuilt and ready to go back on.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Quick-Detach Fuel Line

Well my quick-detach device arrived along with the fuel pipe. Sadly, neither item was the colour shown in the advert, so I ended up with a blue QD and bright green fuel pipe Anyhow, it's fitted now.

Carbon Battery Cover

The previous owner made a neat (and shaped) cover for the battery to prevent it from ever shorting out on the seat pan. Trouble is, he made it from carbon, which is electrically conductive, as I witnessed today. I opened the seat and saw that small sparks were flying between the carbon and the positive terminal. Der!
Not recommended!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Want some manuals to download??





(Part B)

CB450 to CB500T Service Manual

Honda Common Service Manual Pt.1

Honda Common Service Manual Pt.1

Right-Click the desired file and then

Petrol Tank Removal

On most bikes, it's pretty damned simple to remove the petrol tank. Switch petcock to OFF position, remove fuel tube, remove rear retaining strap and lift fuel tank from frame!

Not on the CB450! Oh no, because Honda decided to put another fuel line in place called a balance-pipe. It runs from the rear left corner of the tank to the rear right corner of the tank. And there's no cut-off mechanism, so as soon as you pull the pipe off, fuel pours out. But you HAVE to disconnect it to get the tank off!

Anyhow, I decided to order a "Quick Disconnect" for the offending pipe...

It seals both ends when you disconnect. Available from HERE

Should save some swearing! UPDATE>>> It doesn't seal both ends! Just one.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Rivington Barn

On my way back from a short trip, I called at the bottom barn to see if anyone was around, but it seems like other bikers don't like the cold, lol. If you have never been to the Barn, you really should! On a Saturday, there's normally a smallish collection of bikes and people to have a chat with down at the Great Barn (better known as the bottom barn).

On a Sunday, everyone meets about half a mile higher up at the "Top Barn". On a nice day you will find hundreds of bikers on every different type of bike that you can think of. On a warm Bank Holiday, it's a real tight squeeze! Go visit!

Headlight Visor

When I was a young lad, steel headlight visors (and steel sunvisors) were quite popular accessories, so it was nice to find they were still available. Took about 8 days to arrive and about 8 minutes to install. Wonderful!

I think the bike looks gorgeous with it on...

Purchased through eBay. A seller from Thailand - Cost just £8!

NOS Speedo & Tacho

Whilst browsing eBay (as you do), I came across a brand new (old stock) Speedometer and a Tachometer. Wow!! What a rare find! I clicked on the "Watch This Item" button and made a mental note to return to the auction in the dying minutes to see if I could nick 'em.

Ooops! I forgot to go back to the auction - it had ended without me. BUT, there had been a bid of $1.99 which obviously hadn't met reserve. How very odd that they not only hadn't sold but only got a bid of a couple of dollars! Anyway, I contacted the seller and asked him how much for the pair. We agreed an amazing price and a few days later they arrived in their original 1970's Honda box. Excellent!


New Rear Shocks

I looked on eBay UK and eBay US for some decent original rear shock absorbers but it looked like there was nothing to be had. Truth is, even if any had been available, they would have been pretty buggered in any case. So, I decided to bite the bullet and fit some new Hagon shocks.

Luckily, Hagon do quite a large range of shocks including the "Classic III" which is pretty identical to the original. When ordering, they ask your weight (cheeky sods) so that they can tailor them for you and the bike.

I ordered on a Wednesday and they arrived on Thursday. Excellent service! They fitted the bike perfectly and a quick test-ride determined that they worked just fine too.

Here's a photo of them on the machine and a front cover of a period brochure for comparison...

20 Feb 2010 - First Post

My very first sight of the bike....